The 2022 Skoda Fabia Monte Carlo

Belarus 2021. Skoda Plummets In Market Down 11.1%

Belarus car market in 2021 loses 11.1% with 47,573 sales, reporting a very sharp drop in Q1, and positive performances in Q2 and Q4. Skoda reports the worst performance, losing 68% sales.


Belarus 2014. Vehicle market hit all-time record again

Belarus Vehicle Market in the 2014 has hit again the all-time record according to the official sales report. Renault jump on top of the list among brands while Geely smash the leadership among models.

The 2023 Kia Soul

Belarus 2022. Geely Conquers Throne In Market Down 67.9%

Belarus's vehicle market in 2022 totaled 17,234 sales, a 63.8% loss from the previous year. December, in fact, fell for the 10th consecutive month, reporting 1,951 new light vehicle registrations (+57.0%).

Belarus 2017. Renault dominates a market boomed 29%

Belarussian car market boomed in the 2017 thanks to a roaring pace taken since July, ending the year at the new record figure, near 35.000 units (excluding grey market. Renault-Nissan group dominates with near 50 percent of market share.

Belarus 2015. New all time record thanks to grey market

Belarus Vehicles Market in 2015 hit the new all time record thanks to grey market boom. Despite the country is involved in a sharp recession the access at low-cost imported vehicles fueled a demand for cars.

Belarus 2016. Flat market thanks to booming local production

Belarus Vehicles sales 2016 had been flat with total volume near 50.000 units while counting both official and grey import. The robust increase in local production sustained the sector in a declining economy.