Bosnia 2016. Strong market recovery, at best since 2010

Bosnia Auto Sales 2016 rebounded after having bottomed out in the second half 2015. Annual volume at the best since 210 was anyhow far from the pre-crisis level. Volkswagen was the leader.

Bosnia 2015. Positive year thanks to a strong Q4

Bosnia Herzegovina Vehicles Market in 2015 was positive thanks to a strong Q4 when sales recovered over 25% allowing a final gain of 7.%. The Skoda Octavia again market leader ahead of the booming Volkswagen Passat.

Bosnia Herzegovina Car Market

Bosnia Herzegovina 2014. Car Market up a shy 2%

In 2014 the Bosnia Herzegovina Car Market rose only 2% despite the level of the industry stands at lowest level in 30 years. Volkswagen has overtaken Skoda on top of the list.

Bosnia: 2013 car market dropped down for the sixth year in a row.

In 2013 the Bosnian car market posted the sixth loss in a row as consumer's demand was hit by high unemployment and negative GDP. Unfortunately new year perspectives are further negative. Skoda was leader ahead of Volkswagen.