UAE car market

UAE 2020. Mitsubishi sales halved as COVID-19 and falling oil prices affect market (-29.1%)

UAE auto market in 2020 falls by 29.1% as the pandemic and the fall in oil prices affect sales. Full-Year sales have been 171.252, while Mitusbishi falls by 3.8% share by losing more than half its sales.

UAE best selling cars

UAE best selling cars. The top in 2019

UAE best selling cars ranking in 2019 saw a new leader, the Toyota Land Cruiser, winning the fight against the Mitsubishi Pajero and the former leader, the Nissan Patrol. Outstanding performance scored by the Mitsubishi Montero Sport, entering the top 10.

Emirates Automotive Market

UAE 2019. BMW in the podium, while new car sales up 6.2%

Emirates Automotive Market in 2019 has started recovering, despite the total volume is well below the record hit in the 2015. Indeed, in the Full-year ended at 263.001 sales, improving 6.2% from the previous year. BMW gained the market podium, well ahead of the rival Mercedes.

Emirates Automotive Market

UAE 2018. Market down for the third year in a row

Emirates Automotive Market reported in the 2018 the third fall in a row with 247.652 sales (-10.9%), down almost 40% from the 2015 record. Market is hit by austerity measures, reduced public investment and price increase, related to VAT introduction. The market leader Toyota at the lower share in the decade.

UAE best selling cars

UAE 2018 The Best Selling Cars ranking

UAE best selling cars ranking in the 2018 reported the same leader of the previous year, the Nissan Patrol. In second and third place the Toyota Land Cruiser and Mitsubishi Pajero.

UAE best selling cars

UAE 2017. The Best Selling Cars ranking

UAE best selling cars ranking in the 2017 reported a new leader, the third in three years, thanks to the progress of Nissan Patrol in a descending markets. In second and third place the Toyota Land Cruiser and Hilux.

UAE 2017. Still entrapped in the crisis, the auto market fell in double-digit

Emirates vehicles market in 2017 has lost 11.3% reducing the annual lost in the Q4 when consumers have anticipated purchases, before VAT 5% introduction in January. 2018 perspectives are negative despite the strong growth of non-oil sector.

UAE 2016. The Best Selling Cars ranking

UAE best selling cars 2016 shows a new leader while the ranking has been re-mixed by the effect of sharp and sudden market decline after years of outstanding performances.

Emirates 2016. Auto sales dropped a huge 27%

Emirates Auto Sales 2016 dropped down more than any other Top market in the World, hit by weak demand both from real internal demand and trading sector. All manufacturers fell down, but Infiniti and Jaguar.

UAE best selling cars

UAE Best Selling Cars 2015 ranking. The leader was not a Toyota!

UAE best selling cars 2015 ranking dominated again by Toyota models despite losing two places in the podium and the leadership. The market hit the all time record again.