Czech Republic 2018. Car market pushed the brakes

Czech Auto Market

Czech Republic Autos sales in 2018 fell 1.6%, following a series of records scored in the previous years, closing with sales at 267.370. Skoda, the market leader, is followed by Volkswagen and Hyundai.  However, the most impressive performance was scored by Peugeot in 6th place.

Economic Environment

Czech Republic’s economy accelerated in the fourth quarter of 2018, following a subdued third quarter in which economic activity was constrained by tepid consumer spending and a negative performance of the external sector. Industrial production rebounded vigorously and export growth soared in October, boosted by strong car production. In the same month, retail sales bounced back, supported by an extremely tight labor market and rising wages. That said, survey-based indicators for October-December still point to a lukewarm expansion, suggesting the scope of the acceleration could be limited in Q4.

The economy is expected to maintain a broadly stable and solid pace of expansion this year. Private consumption should continue to expand, although at a somewhat slower rate compared to last year, supported by extremely tight labor market conditions and rising wages. Moreover, the positive economic performance is expected to translate into healthy fiscal parameters.

Market Trend

The automotive industry become a crucial factor in the country’s economic development and the great performance reported for one of the major national company, Skoda, has driven up the market in the last years. To have a clear report on the brand development since 2010 with perspectives to the 2025 you can read our experts recent report.

Czech vehicles market is hitting a record each year. Since the 2012 the annual car passenger’s volume grew up from 174.128 to 259.066 in the 2016 and in the 2017 it was established the new all time record again. Indeed, according to the data released by S.D.A. the Association of Car Manufacturers, car passengers figures have been 271.595 (+4.8%) while light commercial vehicles sales have been 19.411 (+1.4%) both at record level.

In the 2018 the car passenger’s market has lost steam, after many years of growth. In fact, car passenger’s sales has interrupted the positive tone of previous years, falling down 1.6%, closing the year at 267.370 units. The WLTP regulation, made sales fluctuating, with a new monthly record of sales in August 4.3%. However, this year registered the second largest-ever volume in Czech Republic’s history.

Competitive Arena

Czech Republic is the home base of Skoda, founded in 1895 as Laurin & Klement taking the current name in 1925. Since the 1991 is part of the Volkswagen Group and is one of the fastest growing brand in the World.

Of course, Skoda has dominated its own market in 2018 with sales at 85.405 (+1.5%).

In second place Volkswagen sold 24.797 units (-8%) followed by Hyundai with 20.956 (-2.2%), Dacia with 15.647 (+7.9%), Ford with 13.475 (-19.0%), Peugeot with 10.772 (+25.1%), Kia with 10.573 (+14.5%) and Renault with 10.536 (-6.1%).

At model-wise, the Skoda Octavia keeps the first position in the ranking with 25.834 sales (-4.5%) followed by the  Skoda Fabia with 21.080 (-0.9%) and the Skoda Rapid with 14.353 (+15.7%).

At fourth place, the Hyundai i30 with 7.455 sales (+0.2%), ahead of the Skoda Superb with 6.760 (-22.6%) and the  Skoda Karoq with 6.548.

Tables with sales figures

In the tables below we report sales for all Brands, top 10 Manufacturers Group and top 10 models.

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