Czech Republic 2019. Auto market -4.5% penalized by national economy slowdown

Czech Republic Autos sales

Czech Republic Autos sales closed 2019 at 248.896, down 4.5%, following years of strong growth. The market has been penalized by a less positive momentum for the national economy. Skoda has further reinforced its dominion on the market thanks to the launch of the new Scala, while Dacia and Peugeot hit record share.

Economic Environment

Czech Republic’s economic growth slowed to a one-year low in the third quarter. The expansion, however, remained relatively healthy, mainly supported by upbeat activity in the trade, hospitality and transportation sectors. Household spending likely remained the engine of growth, as reflected by buoyant retail sales in the quarter, and aided by a near all-time low unemployment rate, robust consumer confidence and strong wage gains.
Moreover, the external sector also contributed to the overall upturn, likely supported by an automotive industry which has proved resilient despite headwinds abroad. Turning to Q4, however, lower business confidence and a depressed manufacturing PMI in October hint at the persistence of fragile conditions in the industrial sector overall.

Market Trend

The automotive industry become a crucial factor in the country’s economic development and the great performance reported for one of the major national company, Skoda, has driven up the market in the last years. To have a clear report on the brand development since 2010 with perspectives to the 2025 you can read our experts recent report.

Czech vehicles market is hitting a record each year. The market grew up between the 2010 and the 2017 from 167.000 to 271.000 pushed by a booming economy and growing internal consumer demand. Than the trend stabilized and in the 2018 sales declined a little at 261.435 units.

According to data released by the local Association of Car Manufacturers, in 2019 the car passengers figures were negative. Indeed, the full year closed with registrations at 248.896 (-4.5%).

Skoda controlled over one-third of the market and in 2019 has further reinforced the position thanks to the new model Scala, which landed in the market as 7th best-selling model. Volkswagen and Hyundai were the other two brands in the podium while a remarkable performance was reported by Dacia, at the best share ever of 6% and Peugeot, advanced at 4.6% share.

Tables with sales figures

In the tables below we report sales for all Brands, top 10 Manufacturers Group and top 10 models.

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