GCC Best Selling Cars. The Top 50 in 2017


GCC Best Selling Cars ranking in the 2017 dominated by Toyota, placing five models out of the top sixth. The pick up Hilux is the number 1, followed by the Land Cruiser and the Camry. Nissan Patrol the first non-Toyota and the only model within top 10 gaining volume

GCC Vehicles Market in 2015 ended a long growing run with a record volume of 1.786.000 light vehicles sold. Then the economic crisis generated by the sharp fall of oil price in the international market hit the sector with annual volume declined in the 2017 at only 1.172.000 units, down  17.3% from the previous year.

As far as the best-selling models in the region, the exclusive ranking we publish today shows clearly the leadership of Toyota, holding 5 models out of the best six.

Indeed, the Toyota Hilux, the “king of the desert” is on top of the 2017 list with 62.207 sales (-29.2%) followed by the Toyota Land Cruiser with 52.773 (-10.0%) and the Toyota Camry with 52.751 (-2.0%) to complete a podium all Toyota branded.

In fourth place the Nissan Patrol with 42.562 sales (+15.5%) followed by the Toyota Prado with 35.925 (-22.3%), the Hyundai Accent with 35.091 (-42.4%) and the Hyundai Elantra with 34.101 (-36.8%).

In ninth place the Hyundai Sonata, the third Hyundai in the top 10, with 32.438 units (-9.9%) and in 10th place the Toyota Yaris sedan with 29.924 (-16.8%).

Rank 2017Rank 2016Sales 2017Sales 2016Variation 2017
11Toyota Hilux62.20787.839-29,2%
23Toyota Land Cruiser52.77358.616-10,0%
36Toyota Camry52.75153.830-2,0%
48Nissan Patrol42.56236.84515,5%
54Toyota Corolla38.44854.595-29,6%
67Toyota Prado35.92546.248-22,3%
72Hyundai Accent35.09160.960-42,4%
85Hyundai Elantra34.10153.955-36,8%
99Hyundai Sonata32.43835.996-9,9%
1010Toyota Yaris sedan29.92435.945-16,8%
1112Nissan Sunny29.21326.20611,5%
1211Toyota Land Cruiser P/U26.75328.240-5,3%
1313Toyota Fortuner21.16423.365-9,4%
1516Toyota Hiace16.73920.652-18,9%
1615Mitsubishi Pajero16.71421.074-20,7%
1726Honda Accord15.41213.79111,8%
1821Chevrolet Tahoe15.18616.861-9,9%
1919Kia Cerato sedan14.87617.235-13,7%
2017Mitsubishi Lancer EX14.79318.819-21,4%
2125Toyota RAV414.14514.674-3,6%
2222Hyundai Tucson14.10916.405-14,0%
2324Lexus LX13.95015.440-9,6%
2423Kia Optima13.21116.109-18,0%
2528Isuzu TF11.98513.132-8,7%
2627Kia Sportage11.40813.552-15,8%
27219Renault Koleos10.4864212390,7%
2832Nissan X-Trail10.31710.531-2,0%
2937BMW X59.9648.79413,3%
3030Ford Taurus9.93111.629-14,6%
3131Nissan Sentra8.70810.924-20,3%
32183Renault Talisman8.5697351065,9%
3336Nissan Altima8.4459.197-8,2%
3435Toyota Innova8.2159.752-15,8%
3546Mitsubishi L2007.7606.73615,2%
3667Kia Cadenza7.3004.11077,6%
3740GMC Yukon7.2138.034-10,2%
3865Nissan Navara7.1724.25468,6%
3939Lexus ES7.1718.363-14,3%
4059Dodge Charger6.5045.10027,5%
4134Kia Rio6.5029.888-34,2%
4244Hyundai H-1 100 Bus6.1327.041-12,9%
4354Nissan Juke6.0865.7555,7%
4429Hyundai Santa fe6.02712.126-50,3%
4545Chevrolet Malibu5.7366.917-17,1%
4643Toyota Avanza5.5737.251-23,1%
4748GMC Sierra5.2646.555-19,7%
4841Renault Duster5.2337.818-33,1%
4963Jeep Grand Cherokee5.1994.39618,3%
5042Nissan Urvan5.1847.291-28,9%