World largest Car Markets 2019. China reports the sharpest drop in sales, falling 9.2%

World car markets
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World Largest Car Markets in 2019 reports a global fall of 4.1%, with the leader China falling 9.2%. The UK falls 2 spots in the leaderboard, overtaken by France and Brazil, which reported the best performance in the leaderboard by gaining 7.6%.

In 2019 almost 92 million vehicles have been sold in the world, falling 4.1% compared to the 96 million sales reported the previous year.

China remains the leading global market, with over 26 million sales, but reports the sharpest drop in the leaderboard by falling 9.2% compared to the sales reported the previous year. This huge market accounts for 28.4% of all sales at a global level.

The USA are in the second position, with 17.1 million sales registered they report a fall of 1.5% and hold a growing 18.6% share of the world’s sales.

In third position we have Japan with 5.2 million units sold and falling 1% (5.7% market share), followed by India which registered 4.1 million units sold (+4.1%).

In 5th place we have Germany,  with sales at 3.9 million units and reported one of the best performance on the leaderboard by growing 6.2%, followed by France -up 1 spot in the leaderboard- with 2.7 million units sold (+2.1%).

Brazil -up 1 spot as well- registered 2.7 million new sales and reported the best performance in the leaderboard by growing 7.6%, followed by the UK which fell 2 spots with 2.6 million sales (-3%) and Italy growing 0.5% with 2.1 million sales.

At the edge of the top 10 rankings, we find Canada, with sales at  1.9 million (-3.7%). 

Tables with sales figures

In the tables below we report sales for the top 50 markets.

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