Guadeloupe 2017. Renault market leader with 29% of share

Guadeloupe vehicles market

Guadeloupe vehicles market is a stable French colony with annual sales over 15k. In the 2017 the market was reported down 5.6% from the previous year. THe market leader is Renault, with 29.5% of market share, followed by the others French makes.

Guadeloupe is a French territory in the Caribbean zone. The economy is largely focused on tourism and public service. The region has a rich biodiversity and a strategic location. Banana  and sugar cane cultivation is still key to the economy. Nevertheless high unemployment, particularly for young people and early school-leaving, hampers regional development.

The new vehicles market is almost stable and in recent years has hit a peak in the 2016 with 16.440 sales, while in the 2017 sales were 15.516, down 5.6% from the previous year.

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The market is a French colony, with the most of the sales concentrated in the French makes hands. Renault is market leader with 2017 sales at 4.584 (+12.0%) and 29.5% of market share. In second place Peugeot with 2.376 (-8.8%) and in third Citroen withn1.008 (-17.6%).