Global Premium Cars Market exceeded 10 million in 2014

Premium Cars Market

Premium Cars Market exceeded 10 million vehicles first time in the 2014, when Mercedes was back the segment leader outpacing the rival BMW. The fastest growing brand was Jeep.

Following raising demand for data on this relevant portion of the light vehicle market, focus2move starts now to follow and research on these brands, considering the Premium & Luxury market stand alone in the four wheels scenario.

According with data collected in the Focus2Move Mobility Database, aggregating statistics on brand and models from over 120 markets in the World, in the 2014 the global premium and luxury vehicles sales were for the first time above the 10 million units.

The 10.241.000 vehicles represented a double-digit increase from the previous year and were over 50% higher than in the 2010. During the last five years, the global light vehicle market, including premium segment, grew “only” 19%, while the “not premium” global market grew 15%.

In the 2014 and after three years, Mercedes (we refer to the single brand ranking, not at groups) recovered the global leadership with 1.8 million sales with a gap over BMW (the leader in the 2013 and 2012) lower than 10.000 units. Audi was third with 1.75 units.

The BIG 3 German Makers in 2014 held 52.4% of global segment.

Fourth is the American Buick, a General Motors brand, distributed just in North America, China and few others markets, that in 2014 sold 1.17 million units with 11.4% of segment share.

A really fast mover is the 5th, Jeep, ending the 2014 for the first time over 1 million units with 9.8% of market share and sales boomed from the 437.000 achieved in the 2010.