Thailand 2014. Auto Industry lost 34%, but BMW shines

Thailand Auto Industry

2014 Thailand Auto Industry fell in 18th global place well behind Indonesia, as the final sales volume landed at 862.000, down 34 percent from 2013. Toyota further improved market share. BMW shines.

In December 2014 according to data released by T.A.I.A, the Thai Automotive Industry Association, total new Light Passengers Vehicles sold in Thailand have been 85.986, down 23.6% compared with the correspondent month last year, posting the 18th consecutive fall in a row.

Full Year sales in Thailand have been 862.291, down 34.0% versus the 2013, falling in 18th place among the largest car markets, down 5 spots, just behind Saudi Arabia.

In the ASEAN region, Thailand was second, well behind Indonesia.

The opening of the “free tax barrier zone” inside the Asean region, effective from January 1st, 2015, cannot represent a good news for this country and for its automotive industry.

In December Toyota sold 33.023 vehicles (-19.9%) while in the full year sales were 326.457 (-27.0%) with share at 37.9%.

Isuzu in second place sold 15.646 units in December (-12.4%) and 160.286 in the entire year while Honda was third respectively with 13.369 (-13.2%) and 106.482 (-48.2%).

Looking at the annual performance, several players ended the year with awful performance, but BMW that was able to improve 7.9%, also having benefit from Mercedes shortfall in the second half.

As far as the car groups performance and ranking, the December leader was Toyota Group with 38.5% of market share, ahead of Isuzu with 18.2% and Honda with 15.5%.