World Best Selling Small Cars 2021. The Dacia Sandero Reaches 6th Place

Best Small Cars
The 2021 Dacia Sandero

World Best Selling Small Cars in 2021 final data: the Toyota Yaris remains the segment leader followed by the Volkswagen Polo and the Kia Rio. The Dacia Sandero jumps from 11th position to 6th.

In 2021 the segment leader remains the Toyota Yaris with 540k sales (7.4% share), followed by the Volkswagen Polo, which registered 376k sales (5.2% share).

In third place we have the Kia Rio -up 4 spots- with 248k sales (3.4% share), ahead of the Renault Clio -down 1 spot- with 246k units (3.4% share).

The Peugeot 208 reached 5th place with 228k units sold (3.1% share), followed by the Dacia Sandero -up 5 spots- with 208k sales (2.9% share) and the Opel Corsa -up 2 spots- with 193k units (2.6% share).

In 8th place there is the Honda N-Box -dropping 4 spots- with 189k units (2.6% share) followed by the Citroen C3 -up 3 spots- with 185k units (2.5% share), and finally the Saipa Pride/100-Series –down 5 spotswith 180k units sold (2.5% share).

Tables with sales figures

In the tables below we report sales for top 50 models.

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