Belgium 2018. Volkswagen is back on top

Belgium Auto Sales

Belgium Auto Sales in 2018 marginally improved keeping the steady growth of recent years, ending the year with 549.627 sales (+0.6%). Volkswagen – up 4.5% – is the best-selling brand, followed by Renault and Peugeot.

Economic Environment

Belgium weak economic activity grown in the third quarter, roughly in line with analysts’ expectations and matching the second quarter’s outturn. The external sector was lifted by sales and purchases of ships abroad. Meanwhile, domestic demand was flat.

Household spending contracted amid higher inflation and rising unemployment, while fixed-capital spending was stable from a quarter earlier on a fall in business investment and deteriorating industrial metrics through the quarter. Moreover, available fourth-quarter data hints at similarly unremarkable growth through the remainder of the year.

Solid economic fundamentals should support modest growth year, to be led by firmer domestic demand. A tightening labor market and healthy wage growth are expected to underpin a pick-up in household spending, while cheap financing and tighter industrial capacity are likely to sustain fixed investment. Downside risks hinge on the highly-open nature of the economy; a slowdown across the Eurozone and any escalation of trade conflicts could bruise exports.

Market Trend

Belgium vehicles market has been very stable in the last years with a positive score reported in the 2016 (+7.7%), when car passenger’s sales overtook the half million, while in the 2017 sales increase was just a little 1.7%, near 550.000, while in the 2018 the market was moderately positive.

Indeed, according to data released by the Federation Belgie de L’automobile et du cycle, registrations closed the year with 549.627 units sold, with a marginal improvement – up 0.6% – considering the previous year.

Competitive Arena

After having lost the 2017 race, Volkswagen recovered the leadership in the 2018 with 52.738 sales (+4.5%) and a safe gap over all the followers.

In second place Renault with 50.221 (-1.4%) followed by Peugeot with 42.623 (+1.8%), BMW with 40.057 (-5%), Mercedes with 35.526 (-5.1%), Opel with 34.420 (-8.3%), Audi with 28.710 (-13.8%), Ford with 23.830  (-2.6%), Citroen with 23.561 (-5.4%) and in 10th place Hyundai with 21.727 (+11%).

Tables with sales figures

In the tables below we report sales for all Brands.


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