Kenyan car market

Kenya 2020. Toyota reinforces leadership in market severely affected by the pandemic (-47.8%)

Kenyan auto market in 2020 falls by 47.8% as the pandemic and restrictions affect sales. Full-Year sales have been 6.942, while the leader Toyota consolidates its leadership by gaining 7.5% market share.

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Kenya 2017. Toyota gained in a market falling 20%

Kenyan Cars Sales in the 2017 fell near 20% hit by political crisis and deterioration of economic activity. The market has lost near 40% in two years. Isuzu is leader, thanks to the domination in the HCV segment, followed by Toyota, leader in light vehicles.

Kenya 2016. Auto sales collapsed hit by cap to interest rates

Kenyan Auto Market 2016 has lost sharply, following three consecutive records, albeit the Kenyan economy was the star in the region with a robust +5.7%. Isuzu was the market leader, but Nissan the best performer.

Kenya 2015. Auto market hit the all-time record

Kenya Automotive Industry in 2015 hit the best near the 20.000 sales. In a market dominated by the commercial vehicles, the leader was Isuzu with near one-third of totals sales. Toyota was second despite losing 16%.

Kenya 2018. Booming in Q4, the market recovered 29%

Kenyan Vehicles Sales grew 29.3% 2018 fluctuating for the entire year, ending with registrations at 14.265. Isuzu was again the market leader, ahead of Toyota, with a wide gap over Mitsubishi. Nissan is working to launch a new plant to produce small vans.

Kenya car market

Kenya 2021. Nissan Grows Swiftly In Market Up Only 2.3%

Kenya's Auto market in 2021 gains 2.3% with 5,156 sales, reporting a double-digit drop in the second half of the year. Isuzu overtakes Toyota and becomes the new market leader.

Kenya New Vehicles Market

Kenya 214. New Vehicles Market up 16%

Kenya New Vehicles Market up 16% in 2014 recovering from the previous year but not yet growing in line with the market potential, penalized by strong import of pre-owned vehicles. Mitsubishi dominates the market.