Uruguay 2016. Auto sales down for the third year in a string

Uruguay Vehicles Sales in 2016 declined for the third consecutive year, dragged down by the difficult economic situation in Brazil and Argentina. Fiat was the new brand leader.

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Uruguay 2015. Sales down 16% while Mitsubishi shines

Uruguay Vehicles Market in 2015 fell 16%. Suzuki has taken the market leadership thanks of new models success while Mitsubishi was the fastest growing brand, growing 306% and jumping in fourth place.

Uruguayan Vehicles Market

Uruguay. Market closed the 2019 down 7.3%, falling below the 2010’s volume

Uruguayan Vehicles Market in 2019 kept declining, ending below the 2010's volume. Indeed, Total registrations in 2019 have been 40.482, down 7.3%. Volkswagen - followed by Renault and Suzuki - ended to a peak of 15% of share, improving by 1.3 points from last year.

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Uruguay 2021. Fiat is the new undiscussed leader, outperforming market up 27.5%

Uruguayan vehicle market in July 2021 grows and surpasses pre-pandemic levels by 6.2%. In fact, 3,751 units have been sold in July (+27.5%), leading Year to Date sales at 28,410 units (+75.4%). Fiat conquers the market throne and increases sales by 187.7%.

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Uruguay 2023. Chevrolet Maintains Leadership In A Record Auto Market (+10.3%)

Uruguayan Vehicles Market hit new record in 2023. Full year sales  sales reached 58,314 units (+10.3%). Chevrolet is still leader (+42.1%) while Citroen rises into 8th spot (+58.9%).
Uruguay Vehicles Sales

Uruguay 2017. Market boomed at second best level ever

Uruguay Vehicles Sales in 2017 boomed at the second best level ever, up 25.4% from the previous year. Doubling sales, Chevrolet reduced the gap to the leader, Volkswagen, which posted a remarkable +52%.