World Electric Vehicles Sales hit a record of 1 million in 2017

Electric Vehicles

Electric Vehicles Sales all around the World will end the current year over 1.1 million sales, the 1.2% of the total accelerating thanks to improved mileage covered by most recent models and incentive introduction in more countries.

A new era is in front of the automotive industry and today we are celebrating the first significant step of the electric vehicles market, as the milestone of 1 million sales in a single year has been outpaced in this 2017.

We at focus2move have decided to expand our coverage and become more focus2evs (as on all the Alternative Fuels Vehicles) preparing our visitors, guests and customers with actual data and forecast on this segment.

The technology evolution in the Electric Vehicles cycle of life is still in the infancy, but the introduction of new generation models and a larger global distribution are supporting a fast developing global sales.

In the 2017 the global market will be very close to 1.1 million units, an increase of 45% compared with the previous year, near three-time higher than in the 2014. Already relevant numbers for those skeptical about this technology, or just the first step for the Team of Automotive Professional working with focus2move team in all continents, projecting the EVs market at impressive growth.

Following months of research and preparation, we have now opened a new section of our, ready to track the evolution of all the Alternative Fuel Vehicles (Electric, Hybrid, CNG, LPG, Bio and even Hydrogen) and from now we introduce this new section, starting from EVs.

We start releasing three new Daily Reports with data from 2014 to 2017 for the following subjects:

  1. EVs Top Markets
  2. EVs Top Brands
  3. EVs Top Models

The report view is reserved to our Annual Members.

The top market in the World is China, actually counting for the half of global sales.

Focus 2 Electric Vehicles

F2M covers intensively this segment and can support your study providing Data in Excel on actual data, by market, brand, model since 2014 for all markets in the World. Volume Forecast are made up to the 2025 by segment and brand for almost all countries in the World.

See a sample: Sample Data Report_AFV mix

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