Japan best selling cars 2016. Toyota Prius is the best

Japan best selling cars

Japan best selling cars 2016 led by the hybrids Toyota Prius and Aqua. In our all-models ranking, in third place the best k-car, the Honda N-Box while the Nissan Dayz in 25th place was the best new entrance.

Japanese vehicles market is the third in the World and really mature. In the recent years total sales had been between 5.0 million and 5.5 million (in the 2014). The 2017 was extremely positive and, according to the data released by the JADAJAMA and JAIA, the total vehicles (including HCVs and Bus) sold in the country have been 5.26 million (+5.3%)

As far as concern the ranking of best-selling cars, two hybrid vehicles are leading the list, with the the Toyota Prius on top with 198.876 sales (+45.7%) followed by its MPV derivatives, the 2015 leader,  the Toyota Aqua with 168.208 units (+7.2%).

In third place the best key car, the Honda N-Box with 160.735 units (-13.1%) followed by the Daihatsu Tanto, with 156.000 (-1.1%), the Toyota Sienta up 9 spots with 125.832 (+63.9%), the Honda Fit with 105.662 (+65.3%) and the Nissan Note with 102.402 (+4.5%).

 In eight place the Toyota Voxy with 91.868 units (-6.3%) ahead of the Honda N-WGN with 86.710 (-6.3%) and in 10th place the Suzuki Hustler with 85.762 (-10.7%).

Tables with sales figures

In the tables below we report sales for all top 50 models.

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