Japan 2022. Auto Market Reports Lowest Yearly Sales In A Decade

Japan's Auto Market in 2022 totals 3.4 million sales, a 6.2% decrease from the prior year and the lowest level in the past decade. In December sales grew 1.6%, with 283,577 new registrations.

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Japan Auto Market Report 2018-2028

Japan Auto Report 2018-2028 features historical data, market insights plus professional forecast on new vehicles sales by type, manufacturer, brand, and model providing an easy-to-use picture of the competitive landscape and its evolution.

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Japan 2021. Best selling cars ranking

Japan best-selling cars in 2021 reports the Toyota Yaris on top, overtaking the previous leader, the Honda N-Box. The Toyota Roomy reports an incredible performance and lands in 3rd place, while the Nissan Note and Nissan Roox enter the leaderboard.

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Japan 2021. Mitsubishi Is The Only Growing Brand In Market Still Decreasing Sales

Japan's Auto market in 2021 falls 3.3% with 4.45 million sales, reporting a very strong first half, followed by a sharp double-digit fall in the second part of the year. Mitsubishi is the only brand to report a positive performance, gaining 10.5%.

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Japan 2020. Best selling cars ranking

Japan best-selling cars in 2020 is again dominated by the kei-car Honda N-Box, followed by the Toyota Yaris and the Suzuki Spacia, while The Toyota Raize lands in 5th place. 

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Japan 2020. Toyota reinforces leadership in a market down 11.6%

Japan auto market in 2020 falls by 11.6% as the pandemic and lockdowns affect sales. Full-Year sales have been 4.6 Million. Toyota registers top 10 hold (-5.9%) and gains 2.1% share.

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Japan 2019. Market reaches 5.2 million while imported brands kept marching

Japan Auto Market in 2019 was marginally negative. Total sales have been 5.18 million, down 1.6% from the previous year. The three top brands, Toyota, Honda and Nissan held 70.8% of the market, but importers were progressively growing.

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Japan best selling cars. The top in the 2019

Japan best selling cars in 2019 was still led by the kei-car Honda N-Box, followed by the fast-growing Daihatsu Tanto, which reached 3.4% of share. The Toyota Sienta impressed, landing in 8th position.

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Japan best selling cars. The top in the 2018

Japan best selling cars 2018 led by the kei-car Honda N-Box up 10.7% followed by the surprise of the year, the Suzuki Spacia. The Daihatsu Move is only sixth, while the Daihatsu Mira enters into the Top10.

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Japan 2018. Lexus & Mitsubishi shine in a flat market

Japan Auto Market was flat in the 2018 with registrations closing at 5.269.442 (+0.1%), ending positively for the second year in a row. Toyota - down 6% - is the market leader, ahead of Honda and Suzuki. Impressive performances scored by Lexus and Mitsubishi.