Korea. Best selling cars ranking in 2020

korea best selling cars

Korea best selling cars ranking in 2020 dominated again by the Hyundai Grandeur ahead of the Hyundai Porter. Stunning performance scored by the Kia K5, reaching the podium with 5.9% of market share. Kia Seltos entered the top 10 for the first time ever.

In a market where the top two brands, Hyundai and Kia, control together the 67% of the share, the top 10 best-selling models ranking is entirely held by the two Koreans.

However, the leadership is not stable and frequently a new model takes the lead, some time just for a single year. Actually the best-seller in 2020 is the Hyundai Grandeur, still on top, with 8.0% of share.

In second place, again behind the leader, the Hyundai Porter with market share at 7.3%, ahead of the new rising star the Kia K5 with 5.9%.

In fourth position the Hyundai Sonata – up 2 spots from the previous year – with 5.4% followed by the Kia Bongo with 3.8% and the Hyundai Palisade with 3.7%.

In seventh place the Kia K7 with 3.2%, ahead of the Kia Morning, which gains the eighth position, at 3.1%.

The Kia Seltos, whose debut was the most surprising novelty of the 2019 Los Angeles Motor Show, enters the top 10 for the first time, with 3.0% share. The Hyundai Santa Fe, after approaching the podium, falls down at 2.9%.

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Rank 2020Rank 2019ModelSales YTD 2020+/- YTD 2020February sales+/- February
11Hyundai Grandeur16.900-5,0%7.550-2,2%
22Hyundai Porter15.355-2,5%7.87515,9%
316Kia K512.397104,1%4.34956,0%
46Hyundai Sonata11.44512,0%5.022-11,6%
58Kia Bongo7.903-11,6%3.584-10,2%
64Hyundai Palisade7.791-33,3%2.618-54,6%
718Kia K76.79029,9%2.85128,1%
813Kia Morning6.413-14,3%3.310-1,3%
9144Kia Seltos6.3772.869
103Hyundai Santa fe6.182-55,9%2.978-57,6%
1119Samsung QM66.16220,2%2.62215,0%
127Kia Carnival5.862-41,3%2.510-41,8%
135Hyundai Avante5.213-49,9%2.575-48,2%
1421Chevrolet Spark4.7043,0%2.115-11,9%
1511SsangYong Korando Sports4.411-42,8%2.154-36,9%
1610Hyundai Grand Starex3.916-49,5%1.268-64,6%
179Kia Sorento3.828-50,8%1.998-51,9%
1815Mercedes E Class3.708-40,5%1.854-37,9%
1924Kia Ray3.366-16,0%1.220-39,6%
2014Hyundai Tucson3.300-47,5%1.534-41,8%
2123Hyundai Kona3.294-22,8%1.459-25,4%
2225Kia Niro3.0763,1%1.9359,1%
2312Kia K32.757-63,4%957-71,8%
2417Ssangyong Tivoli2.710-55,1%1.103-62,7%
2520Kia Sportage2.340-52,9%1.165-47,4%
2639Hyundai Venue2.29476,9%584-22,5%
2758SsangYong Korando C2.282332,2%1.123352,8%
2855Kia Mohave2.049258,8%621245,0%
2922Genesis G801.969-54,8%783-58,2%
3028Genesis G901.513-35,5%683-28,9%
3133Mercedes C Class1.470-22,2%8700,0%
3238Honda Accord1.4000,0%7000,0%
3229Samsung SM61.400-37,0%731-31,1%
3227BMW 5 Series1.400-44,8%9000,0%
3331Kia K91.283-34,3%671-25,9%
3435SsangYong G4 Rexton1.254-30,8%720-11,2%
3540Mercedes GLC1.249680
3626Genesis G701.186-56,4%549-58,1%
37144Chevrolet Colorado1.127350
3832Chevrolet Trax1.058-45,2%531-42,3%
3942Mercedes S Class1.050500
4043Ford Explorer980420
4141BMW 3 Series800-27,3%6000,0%
4145Toyota Camry800400
4246Mini Hatch798380
4347Hyundai Accent776370
4430Chevrolet Malibu674-69,2%276-74,3%
4549Mercedes GLA652400
46144Chevrolet Trailblazer608608
4736Hyundai H-1 Truck600-62,5%300-62,5%
4737Lexus ES600-61,3%300-64,3%
4752Hyundai H-1 Bus600300
4752Land Rover Discovery Sport600350
4853Volvo XC60596300
4934Kia Stonic588-68,2%289-64,9%
5054Samsung SM5579299