Taiwan. Best selling cars ranking in the 2019

Taiwan Best Selling Cars

Taiwan Best Selling Cars ranking in 2019 was close to reporting a new leader after decades of Toyota Corolla dominion. However, despite the sedan was at the lowest market share in this decade, the Toyota RAV4 ended again in 2nd position, but at the best share ever.

The Taiwanese new vehicles market is dominated by Toyota and the most representative model of the Japanese brand and best-selling model in the World, the Toyota Corolla, is the market leader in the country since 30 years. However, reading the Corolla performance in the last decade, it is clear as the heavy dominion in the market is steady declining, with the market share fallen down from a peak of 11.4% in the 2014 at 6.7% in the 2018, confirmed in the 2019.

While the Corolla is at the lowest share in years, the second model, the Toyota Rav4 is in good shape, while not at the highest peak (reached in the 2016/2017 with 5.4% of share) having ended the 2018 at 4.5%. However, in the 2019 sales have boomed and the Japanese SUV ended at the record share of 7.3%, challenging the leadership until the last months.

In third place, a rising star, the compact SUV Nissan Kicks, launched in 2018 and already in the podium with 4.2% of market share.

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Rank 2019Rank 2018ModelSales 20192019 VarDecember SalesDecember var
11Toyota Corolla306769,9%364739,3%
22Toyota RAV42973957,5%301444,7%
342Nissan Kicks16882529,9%207961,5%
43Honda CR-V16476-11,8%22593,2%
55CMC Veryca154567,5%111010,9%
66Toyota Yaris139789,3%1311-0,1%
74Toyota Sienta13401-14,6%13901,0%
825Ford Focus11149141,5%1339143,0%
98Toyota Vios94661,9%858-10,3%
107Honda HR-V9241-9,0%12364,7%
119Mitsubishi Delica8175-6,4%62145,4%
1215Mercedes C Class7683-0,3%613-10,2%
1312CMC Zinger7475-8,3%564-10,9%
1416Lexus NX73946,7%89792,1%
1510Mazda CX-55514-36,4%594-40,5%
1624Toyota Camry543415,7%437-24,7%
1713Nissan Livina5390-33,0%4535,6%
1818Volkswagen Tiguan4927-19,5%58270,7%
1911Nissan Tiida4870-42,6%436-26,6%
2026Toyota C-HR48224,8%211-54,7%
21124Lexus UX4578984,8%45911375,0%
2220Ford Kuga4548-17,8%51714,4%
2427Lexus RX4443-1,8%48916,7%
2529Mitsubishi Colt Plus4287-2,6%472-6,9%
2617Nissan X-Trail4279-37,8%440-25,0%
2743Lexus ES417567,9%3837,9%
2819Mercedes GLC4141-25,5%0-100,0%
2928Mitsubishi Outlander3917-13,0%285-32,3%
3022Mercedes E Class3798-26,2%4395,3%
3150Toyota Auris378498,9%338-23,5%
3223Honda Fit3387-30,2%306-37,3%
3333Subaru Forester3336-15,3%238-61,6%
3430Suzuki Swift3236-21,0%253-19,4%
3532Hyundai Elantra3184-21,0%299-30,5%
3648Hyundai Porter292444,1%32240,0%
3741Volkswagen Golf2747-1,9%241-28,1%
3835Hyundai Tucson2740-16,8%239-24,4%
3940Honda Odyssey2522-11,8%350121,5%
4044BMW 3 Series24454,5%197-25,4%
4136BMW 5 Series2429-20,4%237-16,5%
4221Nissan Sentra2285-57,7%224-46,5%
4364Skoda Kodiaq222942,3%16785,6%
4437Suzuki Carry2183-25,7%302-37,1%
4551BMW X3216415,6%349156,6%
4668Mercedes A Class204141,0%240-7,3%
4755Volvo XC60190611,3%2353,5%
4891Toyota Alphard190493,9%177342,5%
4946Mitsubishi Lancer1805-16,0%164-17,6%
5047Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross1696-17,7%214-10,1%