Korea best selling cars 2017. The top 100

korea best selling cars

Korea best selling cars 2017 ranking shows a new leader, the sixth generation of the mid size Hyundai Grandeur, which has taken the leadership ahead of the previous leader, the Hyundai Porter. Ssangyong placed the Tivoli within the top 10.

South Korean vehicles market has been closed to foreign vehicles import until the recent (2012) FTA with EU. The entrance of many new competitors fueled the market growth in these years and the all time record sales had been established in three years in a row, with 2016 above 1.8 million units. According to data released by KAMA and KAIDA, in the 2017 the market was penalized by a slow start of the year and the second half recovery was not enough to break a new record again, with light vehicles sales ended at 1.814.399 units, down 1.1%, the third best performance ever.

As far as the best-selling vehicles, a new leader was on top of the list, Hyundai Grandeur with 132.080 sales (+92.2%).

The Hyundai Grandeur actually is a mid-size car  produced by the South Korean manufacturer Hyundai since 1986. The Grandeur has evolved through five generations with intermediate facelifts, and is marketed under various nameplates worldwide—prominently as the Hyundai Azera. The current sixth generation was presented in October 2016.

In second place the 2016 leader,  the Hyundai Porter , with 101.032 units (+4.2%) and in third the Hyundai Avante with 83.861 (-10.6%).

In fourth place the Hyundai Sonata, the 2015 leader, with 82.703 sales (+0.6%) ahead of the Kia Sorento with 78.458 (-2.8%), the Kia Morning with 70.437 sales (-6.3%) and the Kia Carnival with 68.386 (+3.7%).

In eight place the Kia Bongo, up 4 spots, with 62.184 (+9.5%) ahead of the Ssangyong Tivoli, up 2 spots, with 55.280 (-2.9%) and in 10th place the Hyundai Santa Fe with 51.661 sales (-32.8%).

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Rank 2017Rank 2016Sales 2017Sales 2016Variation 2017
18Hyundai Grandeur132.08068.73392,2%
21Hyundai Porter101.03296.9504,2%
32HYUNDAI AVANTE83.86193.804-10,6%
43Hyundai Sonata82.70382.2030,6%
54Kia Sorento78.45880.715-2,8%
67Kia Morning70.43775.160-6,3%
79Kia Carnival68.38665.9273,7%
812Kia Bongo62.18456.7839,5%
911Ssangyong Tivoli55.28056.935-2,9%
106Hyundai Santa fe51.66176.917-32,8%
115Chevrolet Spark47.24477.935-39,4%
1213Kia K746.57856.060-16,9%
1314Hyundai Tucson46.41652.314-11,3%
1416Hyundai Grand Starex45.77645.7780,0%
1522Hyundai H-1 Truck42.98123.64781,8%
1615Kia Sportage42.23249.876-15,3%
17Genesis G8039.762
1810Samsung SM639.38957.478-31,5%
1917Kia K538.18444.637-14,5%
2020Chevrolet Malibu33.32536.658-9,1%
2124Mercedes E Class32.41422.83741,9%
2219Kia K328.16536.854-23,6%
2330Samsung QM627.83714.12697,1%
2427BMW 5 Series24.11917.26339,7%
2526Kia Niro23.64718.71026,4%
26Hyundai Kona23.522
2721SsangYong Korando Sports22.91226.141-12,4%
2825Kia Ray20.52119.7423,9%
2931Chevrolet Trax16.54913.99018,3%
30SsangYong G4 Rexton16.381
3129Kia Mohave15.20515.0591,0%
3223Genesis EQ90012.30023.328-47,3%
3328Samsung QM312.22815.280-20,0%
3436BMW 3 Series11.99210.39615,4%
3535Chevrolet Cruze10.55410.847-2,7%
3640Mercedes C Class9.3539.460-1,1%
37Kia Stonic9.133
3837Hyundai H-1 Bus8.68010.350-16,1%
3933Kia Pride8.06711.882-32,1%
4046Lexus ES8.0436.60021,9%
4141SsangYong Korando C7.8418.951-12,4%
4232Hyundai Accent7.49612.640-40,7%
4359Hyundai Ioniq Electric7.3543.73197,1%
4448Samsung SM57.2476.36613,8%
4539Samsung SM37.2139.503-24,1%
4638Hyundai Maxcruz7.0129.586-26,9%
4760Honda Accord6.7553.68183,5%
4843Hyundai Ioniq6.2717.417-15,5%
4945Mercedes S Class6.2336.880-9,4%
50Kia Stinger6.122
5154Ford Explorer6.0214.73927,1%
5244Samsung SM75.9327.150-17,0%
5358Toyota Camry5.7094.11638,7%
5453Mini Cooper4.8614.8590,0%
5547Hyundai i304.6306.460-28,3%
5662Nissan Altima4.5663.41233,8%
57Genesis G704.554
5861Land Rover Discovery Sport4.3613.46925,7%
5950Daewoo Labo4.3385.337-18,7%
6049Daewoo Alpheon4.2325.904-28,3%
6165Mercedes GLC4.0843.32322,9%
6251SsangYong Korando Turismo3.7465.310-29,5%
6363BMW 1 Series3.6103.3757,0%
6434Chevrolet Impala3.60311.341-68,2%
6567Mercedes GLE3.5362.99817,9%
6664BMW 7 Series3.2873.343-1,7%
6782BMW X53.0761.90761,3%
68156Mercedes AMG2.854388635,6%
6966Kia Carens2.8053.245-13,6%
7074BMW 4 Series2.7502.30519,3%
7178Toyota Prius2.5882.16119,8%
7269Mercedes CLA2.4662.655-7,1%
7379Mercedes GLA2.4332.14113,6%
7470Mercedes CLS2.3032.652-13,2%
7587BMW X62.2821.58743,8%
7680Toyota RAV42.1942.0845,3%
7776Mini Clubman2.1852.196-0,5%
7886Lexus NX2.1741.67629,7%
7985Jeep Renegade2.1691.69128,3%
8081BMW 5 Series GT2.1551.9679,5%
8191Mini Countryman2.1211.50940,6%
8268Chevrolet Captiva2.0622.809-26,6%
8357Chevrolet Orlando2.0284.158-51,2%
8492Kia Soul1.9841.47334,7%
85134Samsung SM3 ZE1.883623202,2%
86126Jeep Cherokee1.817767136,9%
8777Land Rover Range Rover Evoque1.6842.180-22,8%
8873Land Rover Discovery1.6082.383-32,5%
89107Jaguar XF1.5761.16135,7%
90117Volvo XC601.55590871,3%
9171Kia K91.5532.646-41,3%
9293BMW X31.5461.4486,8%
9394Land Rover Range Rover Sport1.5381.4089,2%
9484Mercedes A Class1.4411.736-17,0%
9599Honda CR-V1.4351.3436,9%
96102BMW X41.4271.28611,0%
97111Jeep Wrangler1.4251.01340,7%
98104Jeep Grand Cherokee1.3861.22513,1%
99121Honda Pilot1.38180172,4%
100190Volvo S901.377711839,4%