Mexico best selling cars 2015 ranking. The top 100

Mexico best selling cars

Mexico best selling cars 2015 led as usual by Chevrolet Aveo, Nissan Versa and Nissan Pick-up.  The Honda HRV was the best new entrance landing in 14th place, behind the fast growing Nissan X-Trail.

In the best ever year for the automotive industry in Mexico with total vehicles sales jumped ove 1.3 million units, the ranking of best selling cars was a mix of confirms by traditional models and arrival of several new vehicles.

The podium unchanged with the Chevrolet Aveo in first place with 5.7% of market share with a record volume of 76.695 (+17.3%). Second was again the Nissan Versa with 64.454 units (+19.9%) and third the best pick up, the Nissan pick-up with 58.876 sales (+16.3%).

Last generation of the Volkswagen Vento advanced in fourth place with 53.096 units (+38.0%) doing better than the Volkswagen Jetta (51.030, +36.2%), the Nissan March (49.658, +35.8%), the Nissan Tsuru (49.134, +7.9%), the Chevrolet Spark (42.829, +17.4%), the Nissan Sentra (35.996, +17.5%) and the Chevrolet Sonic (31.120, +37.6%).

The best new entrance was the compact SUV made by Honda, the HRV, arrived 14th with 25.134 units. Others winning new models had been the Dodge Attitude, 25th with 13.778 sales and the Kia Sportage, 49th with 5.875, on sales just from July.

Remarkable score had been posted by the last generation of the Nissan X-Trail (13th with 25.668 sales, +119%), the Toyota Yaris (20h with 15.654, +97.5%) and the Volkswagen Golf (41st with 7.487, +144.7%).

Tables with sales figures

In the tables below we report sales for top 100 models.

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