Norway best selling cars in the 2015. The top 100 ranking

Norway best-selling models

Norway best selling cars ranking in the 2015 is dominated by the Volkswagen Golf, thanks to the success of the electric version, with a wide gap over the immediate followers, the Toyota Auris and the Skoda Octavia.

According to data released by Opplysningsrådet for Veitrafikken AS, the Norwegian Road Federation, in the 2015 the best selling car in Norway not only unchanged but created a huge gap over the second, thanks to the launch of the electric version, in this country sustained by zero tax cost (including no VAT applied).

We are talking about a “traditional car” the Volkswagen Golf leader in one of the most innovative market in the World.

Golf sales in the year had been 16.388, a record, +69.3% from the previous record with over 10% of market share.

In second place the Toyota Auris with 4.890 units (-9.2%) followed by the Skoda Octavia with 4.280 (-3.3%), the Toyota Yaris with 4.214 (+8.3%).

In fifth place the Tesla Model S with 4.039 units (+0.0%) for which this market is the third largest globally (after US and Canada). Behind the Mitsubishi Outlander with 3.955 (+32.4%), the Toyota RAV4 with 3.755 (+3.9%), the Volkswagen Passat with 3.207 (+30.4%), the Nissan Leaf with 3.189 (-33.3%) and in 10th place the Mazda CX-5 with 3.168 (-17.6%)

Tables with sales figures

In the tables below we report sales for Top 100 models.

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