Taiwan best selling cars 2016 ranking dominated by Toyota models

Taiwan Best Selling Cars 2016

Taiwan Best Selling Cars 2016 dominated by products locally made, with three Toyota in the podium. The leader was the Toyota Corolla, the Queen of this market since the origin. The Taiwanese market is a strong reality.

Taiwanese domestic new vehicles sector is booming since 2011 and in the 2016, at the end of a long run, scored the goal to join the World’s Top 30 market ranking, hitting the 27th place.

The best-selling models ranking shows the transformation of the market with several new models grew up in recent years thanks to the evolution and growth of customer base.

According to the data released by the T.T.V.M.A., on top of the 2016 ranking there was the best selling car in the World, the Toyota Corolla with 43.370 sales (+2.8%) followed by the Toyota Rav4 with 21.523 (+18.7%) and the Toyota Yaris with 14.726 (-2.1%).

In fourth place, the VMC Veryca with 13.573 sales (+26.6%) followed by the Toyota Wish with 13.153 sales (-3.7%), the Nissan Tiida with 11.839 (-3.3%) and the Mazda3 with 11.324 (+7.4%).

In eight place the Honda CR-V with 10.546 units ahead of the Nissan Gran Livina with 9.865, the best new models of the year, and in 10th place by the Nissan Livina with 9.865 (+6.3%).

Nine out of the top 10 models are locally made.

Below, you can sort our interactive tables to see data regarding Brands, Groups and Models. Please bear in mind that sales data are subject to adjustments as sources will update their information. This report is updated at the publishing date and will not be modified while the next on this subject will always have the year to date data updated.

Rank 2016Rank 2015ModelSales 2016Sales 2015Variation
11Toyota Corolla43.37042.1852,8%
22Toyota RAV421.52318.12618,7%
33Toyota Yaris14.72615.038-2,1%
47CMC Veryca13.57310.71926,6%
54Toyota Wish13.15313.659-3,7%
65Nissan Tiida11.83912.245-3,3%
86Honda CR-V10.54612.077-12,7%
9Nissan Grand Livina9.865600
911Nissan Livina9.8659.2796,3%
1014Nissan X-Trail9.6457.79423,7%
1112Mitsubishi Delica9.6268.28916,1%
129Toyota Vios9.5329.729-2,0%
1313Nissan Sentra7.2688.224-11,6%
1417CMC Zinger7.2615.34335,9%
1510Toyota Camry7.0459.300-24,2%
1618Mercedes C Class6.0375.32113,5%
1716Toyota Innova5.8756.034-2,6%
1820Mazda CX-55.3565.1783,4%
1915Honda Fit5.2667.188-26,7%
2037Lexus RX5.1522.487107,2%
2119Mitsubishi Outlander4.7725.185-8,0%
2247Honda City4.0591.611152,0%
2321Mitsubishi Colt Plus3.8664.214-8,3%
2425Subaru Forester3.7903.5387,1%
25Hyundai Tucson3.713
2627BMW 3 Series3.2003.433-6,8%
2734Lexus ES3.0432.72311,8%
28Mazda CX-32.956
2924Lexus NX2.8473.609-21,1%
30Luxgen S32.806
3132Mitsubishi Canter2.8042.974-5,7%
3238Honda Odyssey2.7962.11232,4%
3331Luxgen M7 Turbo2.7923.145-11,2%
3428Ford Fiesta2.7213.344-18,6%
35Honda HR-V2.648
36Toyota Sienta2.581
3730Hyundai Elantra2.3073.191-27,7%
3823Hyundai Santa fe2.2813.759-39,3%
3936Volkswagen Golf2.2422.503-10,4%
40Mercedes GLC2.189
4164Lexus IS2.1281.17481,3%
4233Mitsubishi Lancer Fortis2.1082.895-27,2%
4244Nissan March2.1081.71822,7%
4326Hyundai ix352.0063.468-42,2%
4452Volkswagen Tiguan1.8741.50024,9%
4522Honda Civic1.8464.034-54,2%
4635Toyota Previa1.8312.549-28,2%
4767Mercedes A Class1.7921.14756,2%
4879Toyota Prius1.768600194,7%
49Mercedes GLE1.638
5065Skoda Fabia1.5911.16836,2%