Taiwan 2022. Vehicles Market Reports Lowest Sales Since 2015

Taiwanese Vehicles Market in 2022 totals 415,597 sales, the lowest since 2015 and a 4.0% decrease from the prior year. In December sales grew 5.2%, with 41,188 new registrations.

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Taiwan 2021. Best selling cars ranking

Taiwan Best Selling Cars ranking in 2021 reports a the Toyota Rav4 holding the throne with 5.3% market share. Meanwhile, the Toyota Corolla Cross rises in second position, jumping 12 spots.

Taiwan car market

Taiwan 2021. CMC Keeps Outperforming A Market Down 1.1%

Taiwan's car market in 2021 falls by 1.1% with 449,859 sales, reporting a very strong Q1, but reported a drop in sales all other quarters. CMC reports the best performance this year, gaining 114.8%, while Mitsubishi drops 55.2%.

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Taiwan 2020. Best selling cars ranking

Taiwan Best Selling Cars ranking in 2020 reports a new leader after decades of Toyota Corolla domination. In fact, the Toyota Rav4 takes the throne with 7.5% market share. Meanwhile, the Mitsubishi Fuso enters the leaderboard, jumping 26 spots to reach 10th position.

Taiwan car market

Taiwan 2020. Mitsubishi doubles sales (+117.7%) in market growing 3.5%

Taiwanese vehicle market in 2020 gains 3.5% despite the pandemic and restrictions. Full-Year sales have been 451.235. Mitsubishi impresses by jumping 5 spots and increasing sales by 117.7%.

Taiwan Best Selling Cars

Taiwan 2019. Best selling cars ranking

Taiwan Best Selling Cars ranking in 2019 was close to reporting a new leader after decades of Toyota Corolla dominion. However, despite the sedan was at the lowest market share in this decade, the...
Taiwanese Vehicles Sales

Taiwan 2019. Toyota recovering share in a positive market (+1.3%)

Taiwanese Vehicles Sales in 2019 held a positive trend. Indeed, Total sales have been 438.145, up 1.3%, while December registered 43.430 units. Toyota started to recover market share while Honda immediately lost the 2nd place, falling in double-digits.

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Taiwan best selling cars. The Top 50 of 2018

Taiwan Best Selling Cars ranking in 2018 was again dominated by the Toyota Corolla - despite the fall by 30% - while the Toyota Rav-4 gained the second place ahead of the Honda CR-V. Impressive performance registered by the Mazda CX-5, joining the Top10.

Taiwanese Vehicles Sales

Taiwan 2018. Toyota dominates in a declining market

Taiwanese Vehicles Sales fell 3.2% in 2018 interrupting the positive performances scored in recent years, closing with 432.314 sales. Despite the fall by 10%, Toyota is still the market leader, ahead of Honda and Nissan.

Taiwan Best Selling Cars

Taiwan best selling car. The top 50 in the 2017

Taiwan Best Selling Car ranking in the 2017 was dominated by the Toyota Corolla, confirming the leadership ahead of the Toyota Rav4. New models landed immediately behind with the Toyota Sienta in third place and the Honda HR-V in fifth.