USA Best Selling Vehicle ranking 2017. The Top 100

USA Best Selling Vehicle

USA Best Selling Vehicle in the 2017 dominated for the 42nd year by the amazing Ford F-Series. Hitting the American record for a single model in a single year, the popular pick up jumped over 1 million global sales, fourth model in the history.

US Vehicles market has promptly reacted at the 2008-2009 financial crisis reporting an impressive increase across the last sixth years ended with the all time record volume hit in the 2016 at 17.5 million units. Finally in the 2017 the market has braked the growth, after seven years, losing marginally (-1.8%) with 17.23 million sales. Outlook for the 2018 is moderately positive, with sales foreseen up 3.1%, potentially at the new record.

Looking at the ranking of the best-selling models, it is clear that the year will be memorable for Ford and for its more prestigious model, the F-Series, market leader here since the 1975 and able in the 2017 to be the fourth model in the history to deliver over 1 million units is a single year, becoming the second best model sold in the World.

In US during the 2017, the Ford F-Series has improved volume hitting the highest level ever sold by a single model in a single year,  with 896.000 sales (+9.3%).

The second place, the Chevrolet Silverado with 585.864 units (+1.9%) followed by the Ram Pick up, third with 500.723 (+2.7%).

In fourth place the Toyota RAV4, up 4 spots, with 407.594 units (+15.7%) followed by the fast growing Nissan Rogue, up 5 spots, at 403.465 sales (+22.3%),  the Toyota Camry, down 2 spots, with 387.081 sales (-0.4%) and the Honda CR-V with 377.895 units (+5.8%).

Behind the  Honda Civic with 377.284 sales (+2.8%), the Toyota Corolla with 329.196 units (-13.0%) and in 10th place the Honda Accord, down 1 spot, with 322.655 (-6.5%).

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Below, you can sort our interactive tables to see data regarding Brands, Groups and Models. Please bear in mind that sales data are subject to adjustments as sources will update their information. This report is updated at the publishing date and will not be modified while the next on this subject will always have the year to date data updated.

Rank 2017Rank 2016ModelSales 2017Sales 2016Variation 2017
11Ford F-Series896.764820.7999,3%
22Chevrolet Silverado585.864574.8761,9%
33Ram pick-up500.723487.5582,7%
48Toyota RAV4407.594352.15415,7%
510Nissan Rogue403.465329.90422,3%
64Toyota Camry387.081388.618-0,4%
77Honda CR-V377.895357.3355,8%
86Honda Civic377.286366.9272,8%
95Toyota Corolla329.196378.210-13,0%
109Honda Accord322.655345.225-6,5%
1112Ford Escape308.296307.0690,4%
1215Chevrolet Equinox290.458242.19519,9%
1314Ford Explorer271.131248.5079,1%
1411Nissan Altima254.996307.380-17,0%
1519Jeep Grand Cherokee240.696212.27313,4%
1618Nissan Sentra218.451214.7091,7%
1717GMC Sierra217.943221.680-1,7%
1825Toyota Highlander215.775191.37912,7%
1913Ford Fusion209.623249.902-16,1%
2020Hyundai Elantra198.210208.319-4,9%
2124Toyota Tacoma198.124191.6313,4%
2223Jeep Wrangler190.522191.774-0,7%
2327Subaru Outback188.886182.8983,3%
2416Chevrolet Malibu185.857227.881-18,4%
2526Chevrolet Cruze184.751188.876-2,2%
2628Subaru Forester177.563178.593-0,6%
2721Jeep Cherokee169.882199.736-14,9%
2829Ford Focus158.385167.888-5,7%
2932Ford Edge142.603134.5886,0%
3034Hyundai Santa fe133.171131.2571,5%
3122Hyundai Sonata131.803196.321-32,9%
3246Toyota 4Runner128.296111.97014,6%
3345Mazda CX-5127.563112.23513,7%
3431Ford Transit127.360143.244-11,1%
3541Honda Pilot127.279120.7725,4%
3636Dodge Grand Caravan125.196127.678-1,9%
3742Chevrolet Traverse123.506116.7015,8%
3881Chrysler Pacifica118.27462.36689,6%
3953Kia Forte117.596103.29213,8%
4061Subaru Impreza117.40188.51732,6%
4143Toyota Tundra116.285115.4890,7%
4239Volkswagen Jetta115.807121.107-4,4%
4330Kia Soul115.712144.040-19,7%
4460Hyundai Tucson114.73589.71327,9%
4548Chevrolet Colorado112.996108.7253,9%
4635Toyota Sienna111.489127.791-12,8%
4762GMC Acadia111.27688.46625,8%
4856Subaru XV Crosstrek110.13895.67715,1%
4947Lexus RX108.307109.435-1,0%
5037Kia Optima107.493124.203-13,5%
5133Nissan Versa106.772132.214-19,2%
5250Jeep Renegade103.434106.606-3,0%
5340Honda Odyssey100.307120.846-17,0%
5444Kia Sorento99.684114.733-13,1%
5552Chevrolet Tahoe98.961103.306-4,2%
5666Honda HR-V94.03482.04114,6%
5749Dodge Journey89.470106.759-16,2%
5858Dodge Charger88.35195.437-7,4%
5971Buick Encore88.03578.56512,1%
6063GMC Terrain85.44187.925-2,8%
6159Jeep Compass83.25394.061-11,5%
6251Ford Mustang81.866105.932-22,7%
6367Nissan Pathfinder81.06581.701-0,8%
6470Chevrolet Trax79.28979.0160,3%
6572Mercedes C Class77.44676.9960,6%
6664Nissan Murano76.73286.953-11,8%
6755Chevrolet Impala75.87797.006-21,8%
6965Nissan Frontier74.36086.926-14,5%
7068Kia Sportage72.82481.066-10,2%
7186Volkswagen Golf68.97857.75019,4%
7276Dodge Durango68.76168.4740,4%
73114Cadillac XT568.31239.48573,0%
7474Chevrolet Camaro67.94072.705-6,6%
7580Nissan Maxima67.62762.6707,9%
7654Toyota Prius67.17098.866-32,1%
7777Chevrolet Express65.13668.007-4,2%
7879Dodge Challenger64.53764.4330,2%
7973Volkswagen Passat60.72273.002-16,8%
8075BMW 3 Series59.44969.588-14,6%
8191Lexus NX59.34154.8848,1%
8269Hyundai Accent58.95579.766-26,1%
8399Audi Q557.64049.55016,3%
8482Chevrolet Suburban56.51660.082-5,9%
8589Acura MDX54.88655.495-1,1%
8697Mercedes GLE54.59551.5605,9%
8792Ford E-Series53.30454.245-1,7%
88154Nissan Titan52.92421.880141,9%
8983Ford Expedition51.88359.835-13,3%
9085Lexus ES51.39858.299-11,8%
9195Acura RDX51.29552.361-2,0%
9294Chrysler 30051.23753.241-3,8%
93112BMW X550.81541.64622,0%
9478Subaru Legacy49.83765.306-23,7%
9588Honda Fit49.45456.630-12,7%
9693GMC Yukon49.18353.447-8,0%
97102Mercedes GLC48.64347.8721,6%
9898Mercedes E Class48.57950.896-4,6%
9996Buick Enclave48.56452.028-6,7%
100108Volkswagen Tiguan46.98343.6387,7%