Tunisian Vehicles Sales

Tunisia 2019. Autos sales kept losing terrain

Tunisian Autos market continued the negative path in 2019. Indeed, Total sales in 2019 have been 50.275, down 16.9% from the previous year. Isuzu was still the market leader despite losing share from the...

Tunisia Autos Market Report 2010-2019

Tunisia Vehicles Market Report 2010-2018 features historical data and insights plus professional forecast on new vehicles sales by type, manufacturer, brand and model providing an easy-to-use picture of current and future competitive landscape.

Tunisian Vehicles Sales

Tunisia 2018. Duties dragged down the market

Tunisian Vehicles Sales went down 17.4% in the 2018 hit by the introduction of new duties on the sector, leading the full year at 52.601 units sold. Isuzu is market leader followed by Citroen, while Renault kept the 3rd place few units ahead of Peugeot.

Tunisia 2017. Isuzu leader in a positive market

Tunisia Cars Market in the 2017 increased for the third year on a row hitting the new record at 63.678 units, up 5.2%. Light commercial segment is pulling the market up and Isuzu has taken the leadership ahead of Citroen and Renault.

Tunisia 2016. New all time record!

Tunisia Auto Sales 2016 at the new all time record, the third in a row, albeit the end of the year was shy, with the fourth quarter down. Isuzu shines on top of the ranking.

Tunisia 2015. New All Time Record sales

Tunisia Vehicle Sales in 2015 at the best ever level despite a weak second half with low demand both from private and fleet consumers. Citroen improved in double-digit confirming the leadership.

Citroen was market leader in Tunisia

Tunisia 2014. Citroen is market leader

In 2014 Citroen was market leader in Tunisia pushing sales at the best all time, despite the collapse of the former leader, Renault, down 30% from the previous year.