Danish Automotive Industry celebrates 2014 new all-time record.

Danish Automotive Industry

Danish Automotive Industry celebrates 2014 new all-time record, the fourth in a row fueled by the huge demand for low emission vehicles. Tesla in December sold three times more than Mini.

In December 2014 according to data released by the Danish Car Importers Association – De Danske Bilimportører (DBI), the new Car Passengers sold in Denmark have been 15.420, down 8.2% compared with the correspondent month last year.

Full Year 2014 sales in Denmark have been 189.084, up 3.8% from the correspondent period last year.

Thanks to the superb first half of the year, the market posted the new all-time record level, the fourth in a series! The consumer’s demand has been fueled by low emission vehicles and city cars.

Despite a slow sales speed, Volkswagen was able to take the December leadership with 2.373 sales (-4.3%). In the year the German brand led with 27.625 sales (-3.6%).

Probably fueled by Executives rush to keep year-end bonus, Ford performance in December was amazing, second with +36.0% from the correspondent month last year, while Citroen was third with 1.574 sales (+11.1%).

In the year, behind Volkswagen arrived Ford with 20.036 sales and Peugeot with 19.881.

Mitsubishi was again protagonist of a phenomenal Y.o.Y. increase, albeit starting from a low base, and rose 2421% (it was 20th with 269 sales).

Other great performances had been posted by Mercedes (6th with 1.199 sales, +68.6%), Nissan (11th with 674 sales, +43.5%), Hyundai (12th with 578, +43.8%) and Seat (13th with 552, +61.3%).

Tesla sold 115, almost three times more than Mini advancing in 25th place.

Looking at the Car Groups Performance and Ranking, the leader was Volkswagen with 25.2% of market share, followed by PSA at 15.9% and Renault-Nissan at 13.1%.

As far as best-selling models performance and ranking, the Volkswagen Up! was again the first sold 695 sales (-39.5%) ahead of Peugeot 108 with 674 registrations and Renault Clio with 488 units.

The new Citroen C4 Cactus advanced in 6th place with 440 sales.