Denmark best selling cars

Denmark best selling cars 2017. The top 100

Denmark Best Selling Cars 2017 still lead by the Peugeot 208 ahead of the last generation Nissan Qashqai, up 7 spots, and the Volkswagen Up!. Volkswagen holds 4 models out of top 10 while Peugeot 3008 was the best new entrance.

Danish Cars Sales

Denmark 2017. Suzuki the star of the year in a flat market

Danish Cars Sales in the 2017 have been flat from the previous year record missing the new limit by few thousand units, when the Danish economy logged its worst performance since 2011 Volkswagen leader with 13% of share while Suzuki was the star of the year.

Denmark Best Selling Cars

Denmark best selling cars 2016. The top 100

Denmark Best Selling Cars 2016 with Peugeot 208 as new leader ahead of the Volkswagen Up! and the Peugeot 308. Therefore the star of the year was the new Opel Astra jumped up by 273%.

Denmark Cars Market

Denmark 2016. Volkswagen leader in a record market

Denmark Cars Market in 2016 hit the new annual record, posting over 200.000 units for the second consecutive year. Volkswagen was on top, while Peugeot led the models list with 208 and 308.

Denmark vehicle market

Denmark 2015. New record sales, up the 200k

Denmark Cars Market in 2015 hit the new all time record, first time above the 200.000 and the third record in a row despite of the under-performing national economy and driven by green cars incentives.

Danish Automotive Industry

Danish Automotive Industry celebrates 2014 new all-time record.

Danish Automotive Industry celebrates 2014 new all-time record, the fourth in a row fueled by the huge demand for low emission vehicles. Tesla in December sold three times more than Mini.