Denmark 2015. New record sales, up the 200k

Denmark vehicle market

Denmark Cars Market in 2015 hit the new all time record, first time above the 200.000 and the third record in a row despite of the under-performing national economy and driven by green cars incentives.

Economic Outlook

The Danish economy has been under-performing throughout the year and output contracted in the third quarter. GDP dropped 0.1% on a sequential basis, which marked the first contraction since Q3 2013. All components of GDP disappointed in Q3—fixed investment and private consumption barely grew while exports and government spending decreased over the previous quarter.

Earlier this month, Danish voters rejected a government proposal to strengthen the country’s ties with the European Union. A majority of 53% of the population voted No in a referendum on adopting EU justice and home affairs policies. In the last years, Denmark has held seven referendums on EU issues and the result of the latest one highlights the country’s resistance to European integration.

Market Outlook

The last quarter of the 2015 grew in double-digit with December near 20% ending a new great year for the Danish market that’s follow sixth years of growth and two all time volume record (2013 and 2014).

According to data released by the Danish Car Importers Association – De Danske Bilimportører (DBI), the new cars passenger’s sales in December had been 18.461 (+19.8%) and in the entire 2015 207.207 (+9.7%) establishing the new all time record, first time over the 200.000 units.

Including the LCVs, total light vehicles sold in Denmark last year were 240.000, ranking as 37th World’s market.

Competitive Arena

Volkswagen confirmed the traditional leadership in this that represent a feud since decades despite losing 3.3% at 22.499 annual sales and feeling the breath of  Peugeot over the shoulder, thanks to a record increase scored by the French make at record at 21.056 units (+15.5%).

Third was Toyota with record sales of 14.769 (+12.0%) followed by Ford with 14.288 sales (-4.5%), Skoda (13.499, -1.0%), Citroen (13.050, +1.9%) and Renault (12.151, 7.2%).

Booming sales in December, Tesla jumped in 21st place with 2.736 sales.

As far as the ranking by group, the leader is the Volkswagen with market share at 23.0%, followed by P.S.A. with 16.8%, Renault-Nissan with 11.1% and  with Hyundai Kia with 9.9%.

With 7.923 sales, only 1 more than the rival, the Peugeot 208 ended the year ahead of the Volkswagen Up! as best-selling model. Third was the Toyota Aygo with 5.699 units (+6.8%).

In the table below we report the top 40 models in December while the 2015 and 2014 model ranking with top 100 models are available in the dedicated report.

As far as Best selling Models, the year to date leader was Volkswagen Up! with 5.984 sales (-23.7%) followed by the Peugeot 208 with 5.661 (+20.5%), Peugeot 108 with 4.437 (new) and Toyota Aygo with 4.314 (new).

Tables with sales figures

In the tables below we report sales for all Brands, top 10 Manufacturers Group and top 10 Models

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