Taiwan best selling cars. The Top 50 of 2018

Taiwan Best Selling Cars

Taiwan Best Selling Cars ranking in 2018 was again dominated by the Toyota Corolla – despite the fall by 30% – while the Toyota Rav-4 gained the second place ahead of the Honda CR-V. Impressive performance registered by the Mazda CX-5, joining the Top10.

In 2018 the vehicles market has decelerated. After a good start, the year ended with 432.314 sales losing 3.2% from the previous year. Indeed, the market has interrupted the positive growth of recent years, closing registrations at the lowest volume since 2015.

As far as the best-selling cars ranking, the arrival of new competitors has not changed the establishment of the market.

Indeed, according to the data released by the T.T.V.M.A., as in the previous years, the 2018 market leader is the Toyota Corolla with 27.912 sales, losing 30% from previous year, but keeping a wide gap over all followers.

In second place the Toyota Rav4 with  18.876 (-15.9%) followed by the Honda CR-V with 18.673 (+64.6%). 

In fourth place the Toyota Sienta with 15.699 (+7.7%) ahead of the CMC Veryca with 14.376 (+7.2%), the Toyota Yaris with 12.791 (+6.1%), the Honda HR-V with 10.159 (-24.2%), the Toyota Vios with 9.290 (+8.4%), the Mitsubishi Delica with 8.732 (-10.4%) and in 10th place the Mazda CX-5 with 8.668 (+88.6%).

Rank 2018Rank 2017ModelSales 2018Sales 2017'+/- 2018
11Toyota Corolla27.91239.887-30,0%
22Toyota RAV418.87622.440-15,9%
38Honda CR-V18.67311.34564,6%
43Toyota Sienta15.69914.5777,7%
54CMC Veryca14.37613.4147,2%
67Toyota Yaris12.79112.0526,1%
75Honda HR-V10.15913.399-24,2%
813Toyota Vios9.2908.5698,4%
911Mitsubishi Delica8.7329.741-10,4%
1024Mazda CX-58.6684.59588,6%
116Nissan Tiida8.48912.222-30,5%
1212CMC Zinger8.1519.469-13,9%
139Nissan Livina8.05010.394-22,6%
1517Mercedes C Class7.7096.48118,9%
1629Lexus NX6.9283.80981,9%
1715Nissan X-Trail6.8747.505-8,4%
1831Volkswagen Tiguan6.1223.58870,6%
1925Mercedes GLC5.5614.47924,2%
2014Ford Kuga5.5317.551-26,8%
2119Nissan Sentra5.4065.899-8,4%
2221Mercedes E Class5.1495.245-1,8%
2328Honda Fit4.8514.10818,1%
2418Toyota Camry4.6956.184-24,1%
2516Ford Focus4.6177.141-35,3%
2643Toyota C-HR4.6032.48185,5%
2722Lexus RX4.5264.915-7,9%
2823Mitsubishi Outlander4.5024.709-4,4%
2933Mitsubishi Colt Plus4.4023.27434,5%
3072Suzuki Swift4.0941.268222,9%
3120Luxgen U6 Turbo4.0335.767-30,1%
3230Hyundai Elantra4.0323.7946,3%
3334Subaru Forester3.9373.19623,2%
3435Mazda CX-33.6493.18714,5%
3526Hyundai Tucson3.2954.284-23,1%
3637Mitsubishi Canter3.1803.0643,8%
3727BMW 5 Series3.0514.211-27,5%
3840Suzuki Carry2.9402.6989,0%
3932Suzuki Vitara2.8873.548-18,6%
4038Luxgen U52.8742.964-3,0%
4147Honda Odyssey2.8592.36920,7%
4236Volkswagen Golf2.8013.125-10,4%
43193Nissan Kicks2.680-
4446Lexus ES2.4872.3943,9%
4542BMW 3 Series2.3392.682-12,8%
4639Honda City2.2142.760-19,8%
47116Ford Escort2.148471356,1%
4744Mitsubishi Lancer2.1482.456-12,5%
48193Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross2.060-
49193Hyundai Porter2.029-
5041Nissan March1.9272.689-28,3%