In 2014 the Taiwan Car Market hit the new all-time record .

Taiwan Car Market

In 2014 the Taiwan Car Market hit the new all-time record outpacing the 0.4 million units first time ever. The market is a feud of Japanese with Toyota near 30% of market share.

In December 2014 according to data released by the Taiwan Transportation Vehicle Manufacturing Association, total new Car Passengers sold in Taiwan have been 41.180, up 5.6% compared with the correspondent month last year.

Full Year 2014 sales in Taiwan have been 423.079, up 11.6% from 2013, hitting the new all-time record sales, first time above 0.4 million units.

Now this market gained the 26th global place, really outstanding considering the small size of Taiwanese island!

The country is Japanese feud, with four Japanese brands in the top 4 places.

Toyota was on top of the list as always with 12.649 sales in December and 125.914 (+8.9%) in the full year, almost three times more than the second, with a market share of 29.8%.

Nissan was second with 4.164 sales (-4.4%). Full Year sales were 47.741 (+8.1%).

In December third was Honda, 5th in the full year, with 3.539 sales (+14.3%), ahead of Mitsubishi with 3.483 (+3.1) and Ford with 2.661 (+6.1%).

As far as the car group’s performance and ranking, the December leader was Toyota with 34.1% of market share, ahead of Renault-Nissan with 10.1% and Honda with 8.6%.

As far as best-selling models ranking, the Toyota Corolla sold more than the double than the second with 4.084 sales (-8.1%) followed by the Toyota Rav$ with 2.272 (+19.3%) and the Toyota Yaris with 1.946 (+86.6%).

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