Kenya 2023. Light Vehicle Market Moderately Negative (-4.5%)

Kenya's Kenyan Vehicles Sales have been shy in 2023. During the year light vehicles registered were 12,751 units (-4.5%), losing again as in the previous year. Chinese OEMs are gaining space and Chery is their leader.

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Tanzania 2023. Vehicle Market Still Has To Recover From The Pandemic Being Down 10.3%

Tanzanian vehicles market hasn't yet recovered and still decreasing. In 2023 sales have been 2,826 (-10.3%). The market gained momentum in 2022, after two previous negative years, but was not able to maintain this trend throughout 2023. 
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Algeria 2023. Vehicle Market Slightly Grows 10.1% But Is Still In A Nightmare

Algerian Vehicle Market slightly increases. Total sales reach 27,975 units (+10.1%). Market gains momentum after being down 22.5% in 2022. Fiat booms gaining 24 spots.

Tunisia 2023. Suzuki Was The Star In A Flat Industry

Tunisian Vehicle Sales were flat in 2023. Total sales reach 55,975 units (+0.7%). Market regains the momentum after the previous yearlost. Suzuki moves up into 5th place (+59.8%).
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Nigeria 2023. Car Market Increased (+18.9%) While Standing At Marginal Volumes

Nigerian Cars Market in 2023 grew up for the 3th year in a string. Total sales reached 13,304 (+18.9%) the best out of the last four years, while very far from market potential and projections.

Angola 2023. Car Market Is Finally Rebound (+109.7%)

Angola vehicles market accelerates. Full year 2023 sales have been 8.129 (+109.7%) and the outlook for the next future is still very positive. Suzuki is the new market leader, ahead of Toyota.

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Morocco 2023. Vehicle Market Gains Slight Momentum Growing 2.9%

Moroccan Vehicle Market in 2023 closes the year with a total of 154,840 sales, increasing 2.9% in comparison to the previous year. December closes 2023 with a positive month, interrupting a 3 month negative streak, with 16,715 new car sales. (+19.6%).


South Africa 2023. New Vehicles Demand Shy (-4.4%) Don’t Breaks Toyota Dominion

South Africa Auto Sales moderately declined in 2023. Following the previous two years recovery, the marke lost 4.4% at 485.175. However, the market leader Toyota kept increasing the gap over all followers.

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