The 2024 Renault Clio

Morocco 2023. Vehicle Market Gains Slight Momentum Growing 2.9%

Moroccan Vehicle Market in 2023 closes the year with a total of 154,840 sales, increasing 2.9% in comparison to the previous year. December closes 2023 with a positive month, interrupting a 3 month negative streak, with 16,715 new car sales. (+19.6%).

The 2022 Bronco Raptor

Ethiopia 2022. Vehicle Market Grows For The Second Year In A Row (+5.6%)

Ethiopia's Auto market in 2022 maintains the momentum built up in 2021. New sales, in fact, reach 1,503, a 5.6% increase from the prior year. 


South Africa 2023. New Vehicles Demand Shy (-4.4%) Don’t Breaks Toyota Dominion

South Africa Auto Sales moderately declined in 2023. Following the previous two years recovery, the marke lost 4.4% at 485.175. However, the market leader Toyota kept increasing the gap over all followers.

Tunisia 2024. Vehicles Market Sees Kia As New Market Leader (+14.1%)

Tunisian Vehicle Sales slightly down in 2024. Sales throughout March reached 4,032 units (-11.0%). Q1 sales up to 12,571 (-3.8%).

Tanzania 2024. Vehicle Market Up By Double-Digits After Q1 (+21.7%)

Tanzanian vehicles market up by double-digits in 2024. Sales in March accumulated 215 units (+12.6%). Q1 closed with 633 registrations (+21.7%).

Mauritius car market

Mauritius 2022. Auto Market Surges 7.3% Maintaining Growth From 2021

Mauritius's Auto market in 2022 reported 9,524 sales, a 7.3% increase from the prior year and the second yearly growth in a row. Toyota defends the throne gaining 4.9% in volume.

The 2022 Ford F-Series Super Duty

Uganda 2022. Auto Market Gains 4.1% In Sales Despite Losing In Q1 and Q2

Uganda's Auto market in 2022 totaled 1,601 sales, a 4.1% increase from the prior year. The growth in Q3 and Q4 was able to offset the loss in the first half of the year.

The 2022 Suzuki S-Cross Full Hybrid

Ghana 2022. Auto Market Gains Volume (+14.7%) After 4 Negative Years

Ghana's Auto market in 2022 grows 14.7% to 5,000 sales, reporting a positive performance in every month of the year. Toyota remains the undisputed leader.

The 2022 Toyota Tacoma Trail Edition

Congo 2022. Vehicle Market Loses Momentum Falling 2.1% In Sales

Democratic Republic of Congo's Auto market in 2022 falls, reversing the positive trend set in 2021. New sales this year, in fact, reached 979, a 2.1% decrease from the prior year.

Angola 2023. Car Market Is Finally Rebound (+109.7%)

Angola vehicles market accelerates. Full year 2023 sales have been 8.129 (+109.7%) and the outlook for the next future is still very positive. Suzuki is the new market leader, ahead of Toyota.