The 2022 Nissan frontier 72X Concept

Kenya 2022. Auto Market Interrupts Rise Falling 2.0% In Yearly Sales

Kenya's Auto market in 2022 interrupts the momentum built up in 2021, falling 2.0% to 15,941 new sales. Toyota and Isuzu hold more than 70% market share combined.

Kenya 2018. Booming in Q4, the market recovered 29%

Kenyan Vehicles Sales grew 29.3% 2018 fluctuating for the entire year, ending with registrations at 14.265. Isuzu was again the market leader, ahead of Toyota, with a wide gap over Mitsubishi. Nissan is working to launch a new plant to produce small vans.

Kenya New Vehicles Market

Kenya 214. New Vehicles Market up 16%

Kenya New Vehicles Market up 16% in 2014 recovering from the previous year but not yet growing in line with the market potential, penalized by strong import of pre-owned vehicles. Mitsubishi dominates the market.

Morocco 2018. Fourth All Time Record in a string

Moroccan Cars Market grew 3.6% in the 2018 with registrations at 174.645, pushed by the LCVs segment, hitting the fourth consecutive all-time record. Dacia, the market leader with 28.2% of market share, is followed by Renault and Volkswagen.

Lesotho car

Lesotho 2018. Toyota dominates a market surging to 20%

Lesotho car market in 2018 grew up 20% following the previous year's positive trend while standing below the 1.000 units. With near 70% of market share, Toyota held the crown ahead of Isuzu and Nissan. Lesotho...

Namibia 2017. Recession hit vehicles demand

Namibian vehicles market continued the fall during the 2017, losing for the third consecutive year. The country is in recession after a prolonged expansion and Outlook is not improving. Toyota is market leader ahead of Volkswagen and Nissan

Kenya Autos Market Report 2010-2019

Kenya Car Market Report 2010-2017 features historical data and insights plus professional forecast on new vehicles sales by type, manufacturer, brand and model providing an easy-to-use picture of current and future competitive landscape.

Mauritius Cars sales

Mauritius 2018. Nissan on top while the market soared 23.1%

Mauritius Cars sales surged 32.1% in 2018 with 11.106 units sold. Nissan conquered the market crown with an outstanding 89.4%, followed Toyota and the previous year's leader Kia. The worst performance was signed by Mitsubishi, dropping in 6th place.

Kenyan Vehicles Sales

Kenya 2019. Vehicles market has lost 7.9%

Kenyan Vehicles Sales in 2019 has progressively lost steam ending the Q4 with a sharp decline. Full year sales have been 113.130, down 7.9%. While HCVs segment was steady, the car passengers dropped down significantly. The two best selling brands have a combined share over 60%.

The 2022 Nissan Juke Hybrid

Benin 2022. Vehicle Market Stays Flat With Toyota Holding 48.3% Share

Benin's auto market ,after rising 36.5% in 2021, remained flat in 2022, totaling 800 new sales (+0.0%). Toyota maintains 48.3% market share.