Japan 2021. Best selling cars ranking

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The 2021 Toyota Venza

Japan best-selling cars in 2021 reports the Toyota Yaris on top, overtaking the previous leader, the Honda N-Box. The Toyota Roomy reports an incredible performance and lands in 3rd place, while the Nissan Note and Nissan Roox enter the leaderboard.

In Japan, over 70% of the car market is represented by the top 50 models while over 85% is represented by the top 100. During the last decade, leadership has frequently changed. However, since 2017, the market leader has been Honda N-Box, which has now been dethroned this year by the Yaris.

Indeed, the Toyota Yaris is the new leader, holding 4.8% share with 212,927 sales in 2021. The second position is taken by the Honda N-Box, with 188,940 (4.2% share), ahead of the Toyota Roomy rising an amazing 7 spots and the Suzuki Spacia -down 2 spots-, selling respectively 134,801 (3% share) and 128,881 units (2.9% share).

In 5th place we find the Daihatsu Tanto -down 1 spot- with 116,912 sales (2.6% share), followed by the Toyota Corolla and Daihatsu Move with 110,865 (2.5% share) and 95,840 (2.2% share) units sold respectively.

Closing the Top 10 ranking, we have the Toyota Alphard with 95,049  sales (2.1% share), ahead of the Nissan Note -up 9 spots- with 90,177 sales (2% share) and finally the Nissan Roox rising 6 spots by selling 84,748 units (1.9% share).

Tables with sales figures

In the tables below we report sales for top 30 models.

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