Italy 2024. Best Selling Cars Ranking

Italian Best Selling Cars ranking in 2024 sees the Fiat Panda leading the market, with a 7.6% market share. 6 new car models join the Top 10, one being Citroen C3 (+73.9%) which was able to enter the Top 3.

Italy 2024. Car Passenger Keeps Moderately Positive Pace In April

Italian Autos Market continues a steady growth throughout 2024. Total sales in April amounted to 135,353 units (+7.6%). Fiat extends its lead, 11.2% market share, while Toyota, a 7.5% market share, and Volkswagen, a 7.3% market share, battle for 2nd.

Spain 2024. Top 50 Best-Selling Models

Spain Best Selling Cars ranking in 2024 sees the Dacia Sandero gaining leadership, ahead of Toyota Corolla and Seat Arona. The rising star is the MG ZS, growing 35 spots.

The 2023 Ford Ranger

Croatia 2024. Auto Market Up By Double-Digits Reaching March

Croatian auto market in 2024 has been growing by double-digits. Total sales in March accumulate to 6,258 units (-0.3%). Skoda becomes the new market leader, 3rd last year (+53.2%).

Iceland Car market

Iceland 2024. Auto Market Off To A Slow Start (-37.8%)

Iceland's Car Market not to a good start in 2024. Total sales in April reached mere 1,661 units (-10.1%). The only two brands increasing in the Top 10 are Hyundai (+19.3%) and Skoda (+21.5%).

Spain 2024. Auto Market Strong Start In Q2

Spanish Autos Market is back up and running in April after sales decreased the last month interrupting a 14-month positive string. Volkswagen reaches the top 3, increasing by 2 spots.

Slovakia 2024. Car Market Growth Slows Down In March

Slovakia Auto Sales grew marginally a the start of 2024. Total sales in March reached 7,754 (-12.4%). Market leader Skoda increases its dominance holding 21.9% of the market (+20.7%).

Hungary 2024. New Market Leader Suzuki Up 4 Positions

Hungarian Auto Market increasing in 2024. Total sales in March totaled 9,259 units (-19.5%). Suzuki becomes the new market leader booming 134.8% and 4 spots.

Czech Republic 2024. Auto Market Falls Putting An End To A 14-Month Positive String...

Czech Republic Autos Sales slightly increased in 2024. March totaled 18,789 new sales (-15.4%). Market leader Skoda, 35.9% market share, continues to extend the gap (+3.2%).

Belgium 2024. Auto Market In March Falls For The First Time In 19 Months

Belgium Auto Sales still increasing throughout 2024. Despite this steady increase, new sales in February amounted to 44,751 units (-13.5%). Audi increases by 26.7% making it into the Top 3.