Netherlands 2024. Auto Market Sees Kia As New Market Leader (+10.9%)

Dutch Auto Market drops 4.0% in 2024. June falls for the 4th month in a row, as sales reach 34,777 declined (-14.6%). Kia became the new market leader, followed by Volvo which increased the most out of the brands in the top 10 (+89.6%). 

The 2025 Tesla Model 3 Performance

Denmark 2024. Top 50 Best Selling Cars: Tesla Model 3 Reaches 2nd Spot (+112.4%)

Denmark Best-selling cars ranking in 2024 sees the Tesla Model Y as the market leader (-42.8), followed by the Tesla Model Y (+112.4%) and Audi Q4 (+135.7%).

Denmark 2024. Auto Sales Up 2.7% Push By Solid Economic Momentum

Danish Auto Sales up 2.7% in 2024. In June car passenger sales grew for the 3rd consecutive month, with 19,372 new registrations (+6.3%). Renault enters the top 10 surging 71.5%.

Poland 2024. Auto Market In June (+19.0%) Continues 18 Month Positive Streak

Polish Car Sales up 16.3% in 2024. June posts the 18th consecutive growth, reporting 49,676 new sales (+19.0%). Renault booms 80.7% into 3rd spot..

The 2025 Renault Captur

Poland 2024. Best Selling Cars Ranking: Renault Captur Booms 268.5%

Poland Best Selling Car ranking from 2024 is dominated by The Toyota Corolla (+8.6%), followed by the Skoda Octavia (+47.1%). Renault Captur booms 268.5% into 5th spot.

Germany 2024. Although Economic Stagnation, Car Passenger Market Is Up

German Car Passenger Market up 6.0% in 2024. Sales in June grew +5.3% after loss in May. Volkswagen (+11.3%) holds the throne, maintaining 18.8% market share.

Finland 2024. Car Market Lost 17.3% In The First Half

Finnish Cars Market is still struggling in 2024. New car passenger sales in June have been 6.406 (27.5%) marking the 7th lost in a row. YTD June sales have been 37.429 (-17.3%) one of the worst performance in Europe.


UK 2024. BMW Shining Inside The Car Passenger Market Momentum

British vehicles market keeps momentum in 2024. In June new car passenger sales have been 178.865 (+2.5%) with Year to Date figures at 1.004.726 (+6.6%). BMW skyrockets and gains the second place.

The 2024 Mini Cooper SE

European Car Passenger Market 2024. Sales Up 8.1% In Uk

European Car Market in 2024 starts strong up to May 2024 with sales up 4.2%. UK (+8.1%) and Poland (+9.0) report the strongest growths in the top 10. Russia falls 13.7%.

Europe 2024. Dacia Sandero Becomes The Best Selling Car (+11.7%)

Europe's Best Selling Cars ranking up to May 2024, the Dacia Sandero becomes the leader with 117,304 registrations (+11.7%). Volkswagen Golf booms 41.5%, ranking in 3rd position.